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  2. 10798How do I login to my Brenau email account?
  3. 7886How do I login to CampusWEB
  4. 5201Where can I get information about CAMPUS / CampusWEB related errors, known issues, and system status
  5. 3818What is Brenau’s Galileo password?
  6. 2264Does the university have a discount program for PCs/Laptops or other products and services?
  7. 2180I want to email a faculty or staff member but I don't know their email address. What can I do?
  8. 1793How do I change my Brenau network password?
  9. 1561I am having trouble with LiveText. What do I do?
  10. 1522I am a new student or returning after two semesters off and I can't login to CampusWEB. What do I do?
  11. 1477Brenau e2Campus Alert - I have not received an alert e-mail from the Brenau e2Campus system.
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  2. 12/11/2014How do I use SentryFile (document management system)?
  3. 12/3/2014I need help on how to use BigBlueButton.
  4. 12/3/2014I would like to request access to CAMPUS? I need the form for approval to use Accuterm, MVQuery & CampusWEB?
  5. 11/24/2014Does the university have a discount program for PCs/Laptops or other products and services?
  6. 11/6/2014When I click on an email address, my computer attempts to load Outlook instead of Google Mail. Can this be fixed?
  7. 10/21/2014What is Brenau’s Galileo password?
  8. 9/11/2014I want to log on to the RapidConnectSecure network on campus using my wireless personal laptop.
  9. 8/25/2014The Cable TV connector in our room is too far away from the TV set. What do we need to do?
  10. 8/7/2014How can I install Respondus on my home computer?
  11. 7/17/2014I've tried BigBlueButton but it doesn't fit my needs. Is there another product we can use for video-conferencing?
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