How can I import CATIA, SolidWorks, and/or Unigraphics NX file types directly into Qualify?

To import a CATIA, SolidWorks, and/or Unigraphics NX file type, you must have a valid CAD Importer license and the CAD Importer installed from the File Import Converters page.


To see if you have a valid Catia/UG license, open your license file (geowatch.dat) with Notepad and check if there are entries for studioCATIA4, studioCATIA5, studioSolidWorks, and/or studioUnigraphics.



To check if the CAD Importer is installed correctly, navigate to C:\Program Files\Geomagic\Common\Plugins\import and check is cadimportserver.exe is there.


The CAD Importer will also be visible under the Control Panel in Add or Remove Programs as Geomagic CAD Importer.


The CAD Importer is a separate module, so if you are interested in a quote or purchasing please contact our Sales Dept. at

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