Why I am receiving the error "Acis Error 14" after importing a CATIA File?

The Acis Error 14 can occur if the CATIA File Release version is not supported or the CATIA Enviroment is missing.


Check the CATIA Enviroment by following these steps:


1) Open Windows Explorer and change to the folder C:/*Installation Path*/Geomagic/common/import:



2) Locate the EnvironmentVariables.config file and open this file in Notepad or another ACSII-Editor:



3)The name of default CATIA Enviroment file is in the 3rd row of the EnvironmentVariables.configfile. In this example, it is called InterOpB18.txt.


4) Open the Windows commmand console (Start>Run):



5) Navigate to the following folder C:\*Install Folder*\Geomagic\Common\import\LIB3DX\intel_a\code\bin and type the command readcatenv -e interopb18.txt (where interopb18.txt is the file name in Step 3).



6) Here are possible results of running the command:


a) The following message will occur if the CATEnvfolderdoes not exist:



Solution: In this case naviate to the folder e.g. C:\Users\*username*\Appdata\Roaming\DassaultSystemes\and create the folder CATEnv.


b) The following error message will occur if the CATIA Enviroment file does not exist:



Solution: Type in the command line setcatenv -e interopb18.txt to create the CATIA Enviroment file (ignore the error message):



7) Check with command readcatenv -e interopb18.txt that the creation was successful. The result should be look like the following screenshot:



8) The import of a CATIA file should be working now.

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